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Price: $2 — $6978

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The jewelry of Paleolithic and Neolithic, today, it is the existential statement of every woman. Worn on-the-go, paired with a classic ball gown or matched with a vibrant printed floral – necklaces have become an important part of our ornamental existence. From the traditionalists to the contemporary stylists, every one of us loves flaunting a pretty necklace at a casual hangout, at a majestic dinner and even in the boardrooms.  
You can never say no to a welcome addition—a discounted rare at a local store, or overlooking it as a gift idea—for a birthday, a wedding ceremony. 

Our Necklace Inventory Serves Every Potential Appeal 
At PawnBat, we have a wide collection of necklaces for sale, stocked from trusted pawn shops all over Canada. Whether you are buying one for yourself or as a gift for someone special, we have the selective rare to serve the potential appeal. And at a price, that will certainly spike your interest!

We Stock the Desired Style

You have plenty of necklace styles to choose from:
- Strand necklaces for those who want the embellishments incorporated within the necklace as opposed to stoned in a pendant.
- Pendant Necklaces for those who want to go all classic, stylishly swaying, the sporty emblems, captivating animal pendants and sparkling gemstones with every confident stride.
- Chain necklaces for those who are always on the go, looking to add a style statement to their routine hop.
- Bead styled necklaces for those who prefer the grace amidst the carefree. 

We Stock the Desired Length
From 12 inches to more than 35 inches, our pawn shop partners ensure that you get the desired length that comfortably sits around, with an adorning royalty. Buying a necklace online can be a bit tricky in terms of determining the desired length, so make sure you opt for the one that is 2 to 3 inches longer than the circumference of your neck. 

We Stock the Preferred Motif Materials
At PawnBat, you can choose the motif material for your necklace that you prefer. 
- There is silver for the delicates.
- There is gold—yellow, white and plated—for the showy illustrious.
- There is platinum for the rare and robust.
- There is something for everyone. Simply click on the “All Metals” tab and filter the desired option.  

We Stock the Desired Ornamentations
The selection of ornamentations available at your disposal, highlight our signature expanse and prime your rare preference. Diamonds, gemstones, birthstones, pearls – you can choose from the dazzling to the elegantly sober. 

And if you find something missing 
Simply drop an email or call the pawn shop store that stocks the item, for any additional information. We make the contact details accessible to everyone in the side bar of the product page.
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21 hours
10K YG Necklace with V pendant attached. Diamonds on the pendant. XR
ID: 13236012-3
XR 18K Gold necklace with small white pearls hanging on it, 20.232g
ID: 13182512-1
XR 22k Gold necklace, 51.086g
ID: 13182512-3
XR 22K Gold necklace with colorful stones on top, 15.14g
ID: 13182512-5
10K Figaro Link Small Necklace for Child
ID: 13165312-1
10K YG box link chain necklace with heart pendant. XR
ID: 12415612-1
XR 10K W Gold necklace with W gold Cross pendant, 12.91g
ID: 13090912-1
14kt gold necklace broken and tangled 5ST XR
ID: 12964812-3
10K Gold Necklace w Heart Locket
ID: 13029012-1
14K RG necklace with heart shaped pendant with 1 prominent stone and 20 chips surrounding it. XR
ID: 11911512-1
925 Silver Twisty Necklace w. Heart Pendant
ID: 13021012-2
Tiffany Enchant Heart necklace
ID: 12986812-1
Tiffany Co. infinity necklace in box with pouch
ID: 13075812-4
Tiffany Co. YinTang Silver Necklace in box with pouch
ID: 13075812-5
18K 4.88g YG Necklace w Dangly Heart Pendants
ID: 12909412-1
14kt gold tangled necklace 5ST XR
ID: 12963312-3
14K necklace with green blue and pink beads
ID: 12199112-1
10kt gold necklace with mom pendant
ID: 12540712-1
10k YG necklace with cross pendant with diamond chips
ID: 12056212-10
14K Gold Pearl necklace on small Figaro link chain .XR
ID: 11969612-6
14k Fancy Necklace Sold v attached pendant w 11 pear shaped blue stones
ID: 12544112-1
Silver My First Diamond Necklace with Diamond .XR
ID: 12307312-9
14K Wg necklace with Diamond chips.XR
ID: 12288112-2
10k white gold necklace w purple stone
ID: 12263712-3
fashion necklace with black plastic band and cross pendent
ID: 10116912-29
XR 14K white gold necklace with round pendant that has 10 diamonds
ID: 11011312-2
silver necklace with pendant
ID: 11125812-2
XR YG necklace with heart pendant with 3 diamonds
ID: 11519412-1
fashion necklace with blue beads
ID: 10116912-24
fashion necklace with blue plastic rocks
ID: 10116912-25
14kt WG necklace and pendant wtih blue stone and 26 chips. 1.7 grms
ID: I-607001-5
M-3673 Sterling Silver Cupid Arrow through CZ Circle w Center Heart Necklace
ID: I-8451
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