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How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Jewelry?

This handy calculator will let you know how much typical pawn shops will give you for your diamond and gold rings, your wedding bands, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, gold chains and other types of jewelry.

This tool will also give you a carat estimate of your diamond.

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How much do pawn shops pay for GOLD & JEWELRY?
Gold and Jewelry have always been the best stuff to pawn. The price for golden ring at pawn shop, as well as pendants, chains, diamond ring and wedding rings depends on the weight of metal in grams and it’s quality in Karats. Please use our calculator above to get the price for the jewelry from pawn shops. If your jewelry has a stone you must deduct the weight of stone from total weight of jewelry. Our calculator will help you to find out the weight of stone without removing it.
How to measure the WEIGHT OF GOLD at home?
The best way to measure the weight of gold (jewelry) at home is to use the kitchen scale. It is the only tool that allows you to take measurements in grams. If you don’t have a kitchen scale than use he following list to get the approximate weight of jewelry:
• female wedding ring: 3gr
• male wedding ring: 5gr
• big man signet ring: 8 gr
• gemstone ring: 6 gr
How many CARATS in my diamond?
1 Carat stone is about 5.5mm X 5.5mm and weight 200 milligrams. To get the closest size (weight) of diamond you need also consider the cut of the stone. We created our Pawn Calculator to make it easy for you to get the size of diamond in Carats and Grams.
Can I pawn GOLD PLATED items?
Gold plated items are not at great demand at pawn store. You can check what your jewelry is made of by using a Metals Analyzer. It’s safe and doesn’t take much time.
How can I check the QUALITY of a gold & jewelry?
The biggest problem with gold is that you may not know either it is made of gold or it’s just gold plated jewelry. The best and easiest way to check your gold is to use a Metals Analyzers. Some of the pawn stores has that tool. You may also find it at any other place. The process is simple, fast and absolutely safe for your items.