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Pendants reflect the whimsical pride of the Aphrodites, swaying in the blend of sentimentality and modernism.

Rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets but hardly there could be an armoire that feels complete without those stylishly amusing jewel pendants. These decorative jewelry ornaments have adorned the collection of our jewelry boxes from the medieval to the present. Small but vivid, a pendant can complimentarily uplift the profile of a dress – classic or modern.

Dressing for an Occasion or Thinking about a Heart Warming Gift Idea

Shop for cheap and beautiful pendants, here at PawnBat!

We have a wide collection of pendants to choose from:
- From diamond and yellow gold to stone studded and pearls.
- From animal pendants and heart shape to crafted sculptural designs and sports pendants.

Our trusted network of pawn shops expands all across Canada, and together, we help our customers to shop for the truly valuable and no-faux ornamental stock.
Have a convenient walk-through of our stocked inventory and find:

The Pendant that Goes With the Neckline of Your Dress
If you are looking to buy a pendant to match those classic apparels in your closet, you need one that goes with the neckline of your dress. We have pointed end pendants for the halter neck line. We have the overhanging pendants for the button down shirts. We have a tapered end ornaments for the v neck line. We have two hearts-two chips jewelry for the scoop neckline.  Choose the one that accents your dress. 

The Pendant that Styles the Inner You
At Pawn Bat, we stock an expansive collection of these stylishly undulating ornaments that style the persona of each individual you. We have diamond pronged for the strong personalities. We have stone studded for the legendary you. We have animal pendants for the whimsical. We have crafted sculptural for the artists and historians. Choose the one that personifies you or the person to whom you are gifting.

The Pendant with the Right Bale
Pendant bales profile the overall look of a pendant. For the classic look you can always go with the single bale overhangs. If you are looking for a fancier look, our stock of double bale ornamentals is sure to please you. If it’s the convenience which you prefer, you can always choose a hinged bale pendant.

The Pendant with the Fitting Motif
Motifs add depth to a pendant, to an occasion, to a gesture. You can shop for plated gold, white gold, silver, aluminum, stainless steel – whichever motif is fitting, our pawn shop partners have got in stock for you.

Browse through our extensive collection and we’re sure that you can find something that you would love to wear or gift to someone special.  If you can’t find it, our Pawn Sales Radar will conveniently inform you once your preferred item is in the stock.
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9203 34 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T6W 5T5 SHOW ON MAP
4 hours
XR 14K Gold Mary Pendant
ID: 10568512-3
1 day
14kt, 0.31g yellow gold pendant 1 0.23ct diamond pendant
ID: 11089812-1
3 days
XR 18K white gold heart pendant with green diamond. Hulk Diamond
ID: 11061812-1
7 days
ZR silver pendant with blue design on front, on silver chain
ID: 11188012-4
15 days
10k pendant with brown stone and 3 diamond chips
ID: 11104512-4
16 days
XR 10K gold heart pendant with 10 diamonds
ID: 10994612-5
18 days
Grandma Pendant
ID: I-114012
24 days
10K Gold Cross Pendant .XR
ID: 10284512-4
24 days
10K white gold pendant with diamonds .XR
ID: 10284512-3
1 month
XR 14K gold pendant with swirl like design and 23 diamonds
ID: 11070912-3
1 month
14K gold opal like pendant.XR
ID: 11010512-7
1 month
10K gold cross pendant with 7 chips.XR
ID: 10721912-2
1 month
10 k heart pendant
ID: 10852412-4
1 month
10K WG heart pendant with diamond chips.XR
ID: 11026412-1
2 months
XR 10K gold cross pendant with brilliant diamond
ID: 10922112-5
2 months
10k gold pendant with blue stone and chips
ID: 10862212-5
3 months
XR 9K gold crucifix pendant
ID: 10731512-16
3 months
14k gold triangle pendant with diamond
ID: 10703912-1
3 months
18K WG heart pendant.XR
ID: 10763912-1
3 months
10K White Gold Pendant with 11 Diamonds and 10 Black Stones .xR
ID: 10741112-1
3 months
14K White Gold Pendant with 3 Diamonds in Row .XR
ID: 10741112-4
3 months
10k heart pendant
ID: 10735012-2
7 months
pendant - 10k horse charm
ID: I-589301-10
7 months
pendant - 10k horse charm
ID: I-589301-33
7 months
Fish Cross Pendant
ID: I-591001-5
7 months
10 kt yg mini budded cross pendant. .4 grms
ID: I-606701-33
7 months
10 kt yg mini budded cross pendant. .4 grms
ID: I-606701-35
7 months
10k - pendant with green purple stone
ID: I-588601-12
7 months
10k - pendant with green purple stone
ID: I-588601-39
7 months
pendant - 10k crucifix charm hallow
ID: I-589801-2
7 months
pendant - 10k crucifix charm hallow
ID: I-589801-4
7 months
10kt yg little man pendant with 6 chips. 1.3 grms
ID: I-587201
9 months
pendant - 14k cross with 5 white stones.
ID: I-545801
15 months
XR 10K Gold Heart Locket Pendant
ID: 8663212-1
12658 Fort Rd NW, Edmonton, AB, T5C 3C1 SHOW ON MAP
4 hours
14K Gold Horseshoe Pendant w diamonds
ID: 9872621-1
1 day
10k white gold key pendant
ID: 10488121-7
1 day
silver infinity pendant chain
ID: 10488121-9
2 days
10k .95g st. christopher pendant
ID: 10480021-4
2 days
10k 1.24 cross pendant w. clear sone in center
ID: 10480021-6
2 days
18k 3.14g arabic writting on pendant
ID: 10480021-7
8 days
10k .43 overlapping hearts pendant
ID: 10462121-3
8 days
10k 1.08g mom pendant
ID: 10462121-1
8 days
10k 1.13g grandma pendant
ID: 10462121-2
10 days
10k Heart Pendant
ID: 10073421-2
10 days
10 k pendant cross+12 small clear stone
ID: 10448921-2
16 days
10k swirly dangle pendant w. 19 diamond chips
ID: 10364621-2
24 days
eagle pendant
ID: 9168621-3
24 days
Eagle Pendant
ID: 9168621-4
1 month
Best Friends Pendant
ID: 10156921-5
1 month
10K white gold drop pendant w 12 chips
ID: 10170921-1
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