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Price: $4 — $8000

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They interlink the stylistic elements of a woman’s ornamental existence to her confident attitude. Jewelry chains are the most versatile elements of a jewelry box, where you can conveniently bale one with a stylish pendant or wear the other in its individualistic grand – pairing the confident inner you with the stylish demeanor you. 
And, they serve as great birthday presents. Oh, the precious anniversary gift. Aye, the token of accolade to mark someone’s special achievement!

Find Your Styling Zen, Wrap the Congratulatory You!

At PawnBat, we have an elaborate stock of jewelry chains, thanks to our reliable network of pawn stores expanded across the country. From rare and precious to stylistic textural and elegant classic -- we will help you find aplenty to pair with your maxi for a date tonight or a beautiful valuable to pack the sheer delight. Plus, we promise to keep your wallets warm.

We Stock an Expansive Portfolio of Chain Styles

Whether you are looking for classic, textural or sleek styled chain, we are at your service.

-For the Lovers of Classic: There are cable chains in our inventory that you can pair with your delicate pendants. Not to forget the curb interlinks to accent the urban you. And the Figaro, to invoke the artist you.
-For the Lovers of Textural: Bold and glamorous can flaunt with the popcorn chains stocked in our inventory. Then there is byzantine for the detailed, wheat for the carefree, bead for the delicates and rope chain for the complex.
- For Lovers of Sleek: If you have a slide pendant, then omega chains are the ideal choice for you.

Not that they can’t be worn in individuality. With cardigans and sweaters, snake form great pairs. If subtlety defines your fashion outlook, take a look at our collection of box chains in. And if you are an admirer of old, a herringbone is always an option that goes even with the chic.

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Simply access our search engine portal, find your desired purchase and locate a pawn stock close to your neighborhood by selecting the “All Stores” tab.

We Stock an Expansive Portfolio of Chain Materials

If our style options are expanse, then the choice of chain materials is equally diverse. And they are here, right there at the “All Metals” tab. 

Expand the list and filter the chain material that you are interested in. Our pawn shop partners, stock yellow gold, plated gold, white gold, aluminum, silver, titanium, platinum and stainless steel jewelry chains. All available at fair prices!
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9203 34 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T6W 5T5 SHOW ON MAP
18K Yellow Gold - Chain - 5.71G - 15 - XR Chain
ID: 15749612-10
10K Yellow Gold - Chain - 1.14G - 14 - XR Box Link
ID: 15749612-11
18K Tri-Tone - Chain - 6.04G - 14 - XR Braided
ID: 15749612-12
10K Yellow Gold - Chain - 5.23G - 18 - XR 10K Yellow Gold Popcorn Link Chain
ID: 15748212-1
XR 10k YG Chain 5.6g cuban link chain. 21
ID: 15545612-1
10K Yellow Gold - Chain - 4.00G - 20 - Rope
ID: 15741412-2
10k-yg-curb link chain-two tone-27.65g
ID: 14538612-2
10K Yellow Gold - Chain - 18 - 2.39G - XR 10K Yellow Gold Wheat Chain
ID: 15704812-2
Scrap 14K Box Link Chain - Broken Clasp
ID: 6711823-2
10K Yellow Gold - Necklace - 7.75G - XR 10K Yellow Gold Box Link Chain w 7K Heart Pendant
ID: 15711212-14
10K Yellow Gold - Chain - 1.69G - 14 - XR 10K Yellow Gold Box Link Chain
ID: 15691512-1
10K Yellow Gold - Chain - 1.96G - 18 - XR 10K Yellow Gold Box Link Chain
ID: 15660012-2
XR 10K Yellow Gold Chain. 0.87g
ID: 15010612-6
XR 14K WG Chain- 18 White Gold Wheat Chain. 2.526g
ID: 15530412-2
XR 14K YG Box Link Chain. 3.912g
ID: 15363712-1
10K Gold Simple Chain .XR
ID: 14389412-1
10kt Yg chain 7g acid tested
ID: 14869712-2
10k-yg-box link chain-6.53g
ID: 14890812-4
10kt,42.54gm yellow gold chain XR, 24
ID: 14682812-1
10k-yg-rope chain-14.78
ID: 14826112-1
10K Yellow Gold - Chain - 7.60G - 18 - Acid Tested 10K Yellow Gold Chain
ID: 14803412-2
10K Yellow Gold - Chain - 1.91G - XR Thin Chain
ID: 14371612-2
10K Yellow Gold - Chain - 4.99G - XR Box Link
ID: 14501612-3
14K Yellow Gold - Chain - 4.63G - 18 - XR Twisty Link
ID: 13228112-2
10K Yellow Gold - Chain - 13.40G - XR Flattened Curb Link
ID: 14335412-2
10K Yellow Gold - Chain - 9.81G - 20 - Twisty Link
ID: 14103012-1
12303 107 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T5M 3R2 SHOW ON MAP
14k cable-link female chain
ID: 11149308-1
24.5 inches long gold chain necklace
ID: 11158808-4
14K Gold Box Link Chain with 10K Gold Cross Pendant
ID: 11097608-5
14K Serpentine Chain in Good Condition
ID: 11064008-1
14k gold chain
ID: 10818508-3
24K Gold Fancy Link Chain
ID: 10092808-1
12658 Fort Rd NW, Edmonton, AB, T5C 3C1 SHOW ON MAP
18K Yellow Gold - Chain - 7.65G - 22 - XR 18K Yellow Gold Unique Link Chain
ID: 15706512-1
10k xr YG Curb Chain 24 , 10.64g
ID: 15493212-5
10k 7.03 chain
ID: 15274012-3
10k-yg-twisted chain-7.09g
ID: 15059412-1
XR 14K YG Chain-18 -8.771g box link chain
ID: 15557112-1
26.5 18K 35.96g YG rope chain
ID: 13601321-1
24K 12.6g snake link chain
ID: 13334521-15
17.41 18KT YG Franco chain.
ID: 13093721-4
12731 50 St NW, Edmonton, AB, T5A 4L8 SHOW ON MAP
10k 5.62g YG Box Chain
ID: 13515114-1
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