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iPods, MP3 Players

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22 hours
blue Sandisk mp3 player, used condition
ID: 10323818-1
80GB 5th Apple Ipod Classic - NO CHARGER.
ID: 10180918-1
blue Apple ipod touch 32gb, 6th gen, screen is lifting slightly, otherwise everything else works, no charger, tested
ID: 10282618-1
Apple 4gb Metalic orange ipod mini touch has a nic in the screen
ID: 10284918-3
Apple silver colored 8gb ipod touch 1st gen, good condition
ID: 10204218-3
Apple iPod Nano 4th Generation - lots of scratches and scuffs with charger- tested
ID: 10246918-1
Apple ipod Nano w charger
ID: 10269318-1
Apple 16gb ipod nano 7th gen, good condition w charger
ID: 10204018-3
Apple iPod nano 8 GB 4th Generation(Blue)
ID: 10192918-1
Apple iPod touch 8 GB Black (4th Generation)
ID: 10192918-2
Apple FINAL SALE KEEPS CARSHING 160gb ipod classic, no charger, tested, good used condition
ID: 9771918-1
Apple ipod 5.5 GEN, 30gb, comes with USB charger, no block
ID: 10035318-1
16GB Sony mp3 player, one charger, no headphones
ID: 10162718-1
Apple green 8gb ipod nano, good used condition with charger
ID: 10195018-3
Apple iPod Nano 5th Gen 16GB Orange A1320 NO CORD,NO HEADPHONE
ID: 10156218-2
Apple IPod Shuffle 2GB Pink (4th Generation) comes w charger
ID: 10093418-1
FINAL SALE PARTS OR REPAIR ONLYblack Apple ipod 16 Gb reset passcode
ID: 7532518-2
Sandisk MP3 player no cords
ID: 10008518-5
Apple NEEDS WORK white ipod classic 30gb, good used condition, some wear and tear randomly stops playing
ID: 9686318-1
Apple 32gb 5th gen ipod touch a bit scratched on the back
ID: 9545818-1
Apple 16gb ipod touch, 4th gen, screen is cracked, no charger
ID: 9543418-3
FINAL SALE NEEDS WORK Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation 16GB Space Gray- no charger a small crack on top left screen
ID: 9350318-2
Bose soundDock Digital music system
ID: 7909818-1
Silver Apple Ipod 5th Gen. 16GB- comes with charger
ID: 9312318-2
Apple 16 gb 5th generation ipod touch with charger, crack across the top
ID: 9371018-1
FINAL SALE PARTS OR REPAIR ONLYBlue 16GB Apple iPod Touch, 6th Generation
ID: 8013718-1
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