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1 hour
rogers Samsung galaxy s7 used condition small scratch on top of screen no charger
ID: 10036427-1
5 hours
VIRGIN Samsung S8 64GB good condition, no accounts, no cracks, holds charge, light scratches on the screen. imei- 351811094363566
ID: 11277421-1
ROGERS HTC Desire HD in used condition no charger
ID: 10296927-1
UNLOCKED Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB in good used condition, in box with charger
ID: 10456727-1
Apple TELUS 64GB iPhone 5S rose gold in good condition
ID: 10489327-1
KOODO Samsung S7 in good used condition with flip case no charger
ID: 10380227-1
Apple UNLOCKED 32GB iPhone 7 in used condition
ID: 10466027-1
rogers HTC desire with charger used condition
ID: 10113027-1
16GB, Rogers Apple iPhone SE Cell Phone, was factory reset already - icloud not present no passcodes
ID: 10367627-1
CHATR Samsung GAlaxy S6 in used condition
ID: 10360627-1
Apple as is final sale. power button stuck ROGERS 8GB iPhone 4 in good condition, power button is broken. no charger
ID: 10360827-1
64gb, Rogers Samsung Galaxy S8 Cell Phone, in great used condition
ID: 10278127-1
LG K4 2017 thru koodo in good condition no charger screen has no visible scratches
ID: 9894127-1
16GB, Public Mobile Apple iPhone, no passcodes icloud removed, good condition imei 013883003510694
ID: 10350227-1
Unlocked, 16gb Apple iPhone 6+ Cell Phone, no data or outlet cable (icloud removed, Passcode 081716)
ID: 10345527-1
Apple FINAL SALE TELUS iPhone 4 in used shape with cracks extending from top right hand of screen down to bottom right hand of screen back of phone is also cracked
ID: 9650727-1
BELL Samsung S4 mini with charger in working condition
ID: 9615327-1
BELL FINAL SALE screen damage and battery damaged LG G4 in used condition no charger.
ID: 10341827-1
Apple Rogers Rose Gold 32G IPHONE SE in used condition no charger
ID: 9876527-1
telus LG K4 2017 like new in box
ID: 10140027-2
LG TELUS Samsung J36 in used condition, no charger.
ID: 10337627-1
TELUS HTC Desire HD in used condition in case no charger
ID: 10332227-1
BELL LG Q6 no accounts no passwords no cracks no scratches good condition
ID: 10328427-1
Apple unlocked 64g iphone 8 no charger used condition small scratches
ID: 10327427-1
TELUS Samsung grand prime+ in good condition with no charger, screen and phone look good
ID: 10303527-1
KOODO Samsung Galaxy A8 in good used condition no charger
ID: 10417127-1
Telus LG X Power 3 Cell Phone, no accounts passcodes or chargers
ID: 10415527-1
Apple FIDO 64GB iPhone SE in used condition, some denting around edges
ID: 10321727-1
Bell Apple Iphone 5C 8 GB used condition. factory reset, used condition
ID: 7970509-1
Apple 16GB VIRGIN Iphone 5S cell phone in used condition no icloud or passcode in working condition a few knicks and scratches no charger
ID: 10172027-1
Apple BELL iPhone 4S 8GB A1387 without charger, decent used condition, few scratches on front and back
ID: 10412827-1
DOESNT TURN ON, AS IS FINAL SALE. UNLOCKED Samsung Galaxy S4 in used condition no charger imei 359367056567738
ID: 10316027-1
Apple DOESNT READ SIM CARDS AS IS FINAL SALE. BELL 16GB iPhone 6 in used condition, minor scratches on face
ID: 9894827-1
ROGERS Samsung Galaxy S9 cell phone with charger factory reset in working condition
ID: 10293527-1
ID: 10396527-1
fido 64g Samsung s8
ID: 10260027-1
FIDO Samsung S8 Cell phone in great shape with no accounts or passcodes in box
ID: 9873027-1
Telus Huawei ascend in used condition with cracks all across the screen
ID: 10255627-2
TELUS ALCATEL Flip Phone in used condition no charger
ID: 10229227-1
TELUS Samsung Galaxy ace 2 cell phone with bunch scratches on the screen
ID: 9327927-2
TELUS Samsung Galaxy S7 good condition, has Samsung accounts, no cracks.
ID: 10269627-1
BELL Sony Xperia Z5 in good condition, back is scratched with slight crack on the bottom, front is in good condition, no charger
ID: 10365427-1
TELUS Samsung S8 has crack on bottom left no chrger, no accounts
ID: 10253927-1
Unlocked, Telus, 16gb Apple iPhone 6 Cell Phone, well used condition screen has a bunch of scratches on it - icloud removed, no passcodes
ID: 10228727-1
FIDO Samsung Galaxy S9, deep scratch on the top right. NO passwords, NO cracks, NO accounts
ID: 9973827-1
Motorola Moto Z2 Play XT1710-01 cell phone no accounts or passcodes
ID: 9966127-1
koodo Samsung s6 in black case in good used shape no charger
ID: 6862527-1
Samsung unlocked 32g galaxy S6 used condition no charger (charging port loose)
ID: 9153127-1
bell Samsung flip phone used condition has several scratches but works no charger
ID: 9371627-1
Telus Apple iPhone 4 Cell Phone, no charger
ID: 10310727-1
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