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How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Electronics?

Thinking about pawning off your BluRay Player, DVD Player, iPod, stereo system, or a home receiver? You’ve come to the right place. Our pawn loan calculator will give you a close estimate about these prices!

While you’re here, you can check the loan prices for TV Boxes, two-way radio, and other electronics.

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What are the best brands of electronics to pawn:
1) Sony
2) Samsung
3) Panasonic
3) Pioneer
4) Bose
5) Harmon Kardon
7) Kenwood
8) Sharp
9) Beats by Dre
How to pawn a DVD player and BluRay Player?
1) Clean the product to avoid cheap look.
2) Make sure you have all cables and hookups.
3) Bring the original remote control with batteries to test the player.
How to pawn a fax machine?
1) Clean the fax machine. Dirty product may look cheaper.
2) Bake sure it has all the accessories to test it at the pawn shop.
3) If you have any papers and package box, bring it with you.
How to pawn a printer?
1) Clean the printer from dust and dirt. Especially a glass on a scanning surface (if any).
2) Make sure your printer is in a great condition.
3) The newer model of the printer the more money you can get.
4) Bring all cables with you.
5) Check the ink in cartridges. If one of them is empty you won’t be able to test the printer at the pawn shop.