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Nailers, Staplers

Price: $5 — $700

Find Out How Much You Can Pawn It For
Air nailers have essentially replaced hammers as part of the tool kit owned by a construction professional or a DIY enthusiast.  People wanting to get the job done quickly, efficiently, safely and with high precision, prefer to use air nailers over hammers for the framing, roofing, flooring and stapling projects. 
The only drawback - they cost quite a lot. Yes, a lot! And, that is where Pawn Bat nails it by offering used air nailers, manufactured by reputed brands – all at a very low price. Price that you can easily afford!

How Do We Make that Possible?
Well, we have a network of pawn shop stores that expands all over Canada. These pawn shops stock quality used tools and products that owners come selling in need of money. For some, it’s a tool that they no longer use, for others it is a cashable asset that they found in the old store room of their new homes. Our reliable pawn shop partners then examine each of these items in great detail, passing only the ones which are in pristine condition. And that is how, we make it possible.

What Types of Air Nailers Do We Stock?
What type of air nailer are you looking for?
If you want a coil style nailer, we have it. If you want the strip style air nailer, we have a branded inventory of that too.
Is it an application-specific air nailer model in which you are interested?

Surprise, surprise – we stock all application-specific models as well.
• Framing Nailers: These are used for handling large projects—deck construction, room additions and framing jobs—giving a concealed, exquisite finish.
• Finishing Nailers: For trim and molding, cabinet installation and furniture assembling.
• Roofing Nailers: As the name applies, these air nailers are used for installing roof shingles.
• Flooring Nailers: You get that don’t you? Look closely at your hardwood flooring. 

Why Worry About the Brand!
We understand that everyone prefers specific brands of air nailers to work with. It is just how we all work. For some, the durability of Bosch trumps all other brands. For some, they are more comfortable handling a Bostitch 18 gauge air nailer. Whatever your choice of brand is, Pawn Bat stocks it all. Simply use the “All Brands” tab and filter the brand of your choice.   

Help Us Nail Your Search

Can’t find the air nailer you are looking for? Help us nail your search through our Pawn Sales Shopping Radar. You tell us what you need, and as soon as any of our pawn shop partners makes it available in their stock, we will promptly let you know. Activate Radar.
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8730 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T5B 0T1 SHOW ON MAP
8 hours
Hilti GX 120 Gas Powered Cordless Actuated Nail Gun in case
ID: 12514805-1
9 hours
3 1 2 Bostitch flooring nailer
ID: 12346105-1
9 hours
Bostitch, F28WW, 2 (3 1 2) Framing Nailer
ID: 12479005-1
Paslode air stapler
ID: 12481905-1
Paslode air Framing nailer
ID: 12481905-2
Paslode Power Framer Nailer 2 to 31 2
ID: 12481905-3
Dewalt Air clipped head framing nailer
ID: 12481905-4
Dewalt Powerfist Air framing nailer
ID: 12481905-5
Dewalt air nailer in decent shape
ID: 12481905-6
Paslode Air framing Nailer
ID: 12481905-7
Stanley 16 Gauge Brad Nailer In Case
ID: 12334105-1
Paslode Lite Stapler
ID: 12782512-3
Dewalt 3 4 Coil Air Nailer well used
ID: 12105605-1
Porter Cable air nailer
ID: 12090105-1
Bostitch flooring nailer
ID: 12069605-1
ID: 12011305-1
Dewalt 3 4-Inch to 1-3 4-Inch Coil Roofing Nailer
ID: 12424912-1
Bostitch 18g brad nailer
ID: 11949605-2
campbell hausfeld framing nailer
ID: 11943605-1
Paslode framing nailer
ID: 11931105-1
Bostitch bostich f28ww framing nailer
ID: 11924205-1
Hitachi coil nailer 3 1 2
ID: 11791605-1
Porter Cable 18g stapler
ID: 11671505-2
minico air stapler
ID: 11368805-5
Bostitch Air Nailer
ID: 11086305-2
3233 17 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, T2A 0R1 SHOW ON MAP
9 hours
Gray Husky 16-Gauge Straight Finish Nailer- TESTED
ID: 10179418-1
Paslode Impulse Li-Ion 18GA Brad Nailer IMLi200 Model 903700 In orange case
ID: 10201118-1
Bostitch stapler SB-1850BN TESTED
ID: 10106218-4
Paslode Pneumatic Framing Nail - tested
ID: 10099918-1
Rigid 16 Gauge straight finish nailer scuffed due to use
ID: 9957118-1
HDX AV-Powered Brad Nailer
ID: 8899418-2
Bostitch Bostich 18-Gauge Brad Nailer
ID: 10050218-2
Gray Rok 2 18GA Brad Nailer, comes in hard black case
ID: 10012418-1
Paslode framing nailer 2-3.5 inch
ID: 10005418-6
Stanley Stnley RN46-1 Coil- Fed Phnematic Roofing Nailer
ID: 10005418-8
Mastercraft Brad nailer 18g new in bag - tested
ID: 9953118-8
Mastercraft 23 ga Pin Nailer new in bag - tested
ID: 9953118-9
Mastercraft stapler 18ga new in bag - tested
ID: 9953118-10
Hitachi Coil Nailer - tested
ID: 9953118-5
15 degree Dewalt coil siding nailer
ID: 9968318-1
16Ga, 1 2 Crown, 2 Heavy Duty Assembly Stapler
ID: 9490418-3
Rigid Ridgid 3-1 2 in. Full-Size Palm Nailer, in case with oil and filter, doesnt have air hose piece
ID: 9924518-1
Hitachi FINAL SALE FOR PARTS Green Hitatchi 7-16 Crown Stapler
ID: 9915418-2
silver Hitachi framing nailer, 3-1 4 , used condition
ID: 9852418-1
Mastercraft Coil nailer in case with extra bits- tested
ID: 9772618-1
Paslode air nailer, good used condition, orange silver , says gunner on it in marker
ID: 9794818-1
Campbell Hausfeld 2, 1 2 inch finishing nailer
ID: 6034018-1-1
Campbell Hausfeld 18gauge brad nailer
ID: 6034018-1-2
Arrow Fastener Pneumatic Staple Gun-PT50
ID: 9729418-2
Dewalt 15 degree coil roofing nailer tested in store
ID: 9732418-1
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