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How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Tools?

Want to know how much your tools are worth? Get an online pawn estimate with this calculator. You can also find out the pawn loan for air tools (chisels, compressors, nailers), hand tools (cutters, benders, wrenches), and power tools (drills, saws, sanders) as well.

Here, you can get the price for lawn and garden care tools like grills, blowers, lawn mowers, and spreaders

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How to find Model Numbers on tools?
Model numbers can be letters, numbers, or combinations. And usually are on the Name Plate of the product.
Black and Decker: on the top of Name Plate. Example: LDX120C, BDEJS600C, BDCR20B, 7698K-CA, BDEMS600, HG1300
Bosch: to the right of the Bosch logo. Example: DC970K-2, PS31-2A, 4100-09, PL1682, 11253VSR, RH540M, 11264EVS, RA1166, JS470E
DeWALT: at the top left of the name plate. Example: DWFP55130, DCD771C2, DCS391B, DCN692B, DCK296M2, DC820B, DW660, DWP611, DWARA100, DCV580
Hitachi: usually under the Hitachi logo. Example: C10FCE2, NT50AE2, P20ST 3, KM12VC, DB3DL2
Makita: usually to the right of the Makita logo. Example: MAC700, MAC2400, XPH012, JR3050T, AF505N, XJP03Z, 9557PBX1, XDT042, KP312, KP0800K, DFS452Z
Milwaukee: model number is displayed as CAT NO. and placed to the left of the Milwaukee logo. Example: 2691-22, 2720-20 M18, 2897-22 M18, 2663-20, 0880-20
Ryobi: near the Ryobi logo. Example:
SKIL: at the top of the Name Plate. Example: 5180-01, 1560-01, 1827, 7492-02, 4395-01, 5680-02
What are the best brands of tools to pawn:
1) Hilti,
2) Snap On
3) Blue Point
5) DeWALT,
6) Makita
7) Milwaukee
How to pawn tools
1) Prepare your tool for testing (charge batteries, fill with gas, bring power cord).
2) Clean your tool. Dirty tools may reduce the amount of your loan.
3) Check if your tool is complete. If any part is missing it may reduce the price of the tool.
4) Bring accessories if any.