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Price: $1 — $750

Find Out How Much You Can Pawn It For

Whether you own a tire shop, needing compressed air to inflate your customers’ vehicle’s tires; are running a paint shop and want a small air compressor to be used with air brush; or are a construction contractor in need of a gas powered air compressor to operate jackhammers and compactors – we offer a wide range of compressors to facilitate all your pneumatic based applications.

Convenience Right at a Mouse Click!
You don’t need to go searching from store to store. You don’t need to worry about the reliability. You don’t need to agree to exorbitant prices. Through Pawn Bat’s online search portal, you can conveniently find a used compressor at the nearest pawn shop, stocked at amazingly affordable prices.

Safe and Tested Compressors
We understand the potential risks a compressor carries. As such, we make sure that all the compressors available for sale are tested for pressure compliance to provide our customers with a safe, reliable and durable solution. All our pawn shop partners regulate strict measures while assessing the safety of a compressor, at the time when they are being stocked.

We Only Stock Products from Reliable and Established Brands
And there are many to choose from. Allied, Hitachi, Makita, Hyundai, Honda – the list is detailed. The “All Brands” tab provides you the option of filtering the compressor brand that you reliably prefer.

A Compressor for Every Individual Need
From energy source and configuration modality to capacity and working pressure range, we house an extensive range of compressors in each mentioned category.
- You can buy electricity powered compressors or gas powered compressors.
- You can easily find in our inventory portable, mini or a wheel barrow configuration compressor.
- We have single tank as well as twin tank compressor.
- Then there is pancake, desktop and corded compressors operating at pressures as low as 90 PSI to even as high as 165 PSI.

How to Find a Compressor, Stocked at a Nearby Store?
For that, you can use our “All Stores” filter tab. Just select your nearest neighbourhood from the provided list and the search engine will return with the stores located in that area. Contact the owner of the pawn shop—there are complete details furnished in the side bar—and arrange a convenient visit to the store.
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15301 Stony Plain Rd NW, Edmonton, AB, T5P 3Y7 SHOW ON MAP
20 hours
ID: 13661010-2
12658 Fort Rd NW, Edmonton, AB, T5C 3C1 SHOW ON MAP
1 day
Mastercraft 8 gallon air compressor, blue
ID: 11164021-1
3 days
Campbell Hausfeld 4 gallon pancake air compressor
ID: 11132721-5
3 days
Maximum 6 Gallon Air Compressor
ID: 11130121-1
3 days
Mastercraft 3 gallon
ID: 11128821-1
5 days
Campbell Hausfeld air compressor 3 gallon
ID: 11209021-1
1 month
Motomaster 100psi heavy duty compressor
ID: 11012221-1
2 months
Mastercraft 8 gallon
ID: 10802721-1
3 months
Certified Air compressor inflates in 5 mins 150PSi
ID: 10839021-1
4 months
Makita air compressor
ID: 10565521-1
9 months
no name 250 psi 12v air compressor for car
ID: 9748921-3
9 months
Campbell Hausfeld Campbell and Hausfeld 13 gallon air compressor
ID: 9713321-1
13 months
13 gallon Husky comressor with hose
ID: 9520221-4
14 months
Hyundai stapler
ID: 7468521-2-2
803C Kingsway Ave SE, Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 2X5 SHOW ON MAP
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