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Price: $5 — $800

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3233 17 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, T2A 0R1 SHOW ON MAP
bergmann 6.1 surround speaker system, in box, good condition, some wear on speakers, wires in drawer 4
ID: 10907118-1
R3 Sony SAVA-27, Active Speaker System speakers 4 in total 2 tower speakers and 2 little ones - comes with remote cord to connect the tower speakers
ID: 10890918-1
C7 Harmon Kardon BDS 570 w subwoofer, Sub cord, power cord, hdmi cord and optical cord
ID: 10875618-1
Orum Rohn 5.1, 5 Speakers Receiver w built in subwoofer, no power cord
ID: 10875618-2
Camden CN-50 Platinum Digital Home Theater 7.1
ID: 10802518-1
Black Samsung 5.1 Channel Blu-Ray Home Theater System
ID: 10603318-1
R3 Samsung 3d bluray home theatre system, 5 speakers and sub, w remote
ID: 10442118-1
R2 Samsung 5.1 Channel Home Theater System. 5 Speakers, W Remote. Few scratches on the top of the player. Tested.
ID: 8810918-1
Sony dvd player home theatre, w 5 speakers, no sub, w remote
ID: 10353118-4
Sony HT-CT260 2.1 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar - NO SUB
ID: 9961218-1
R1 silver Sony s-master, non-hdmi, dvd player home theatre system with ONLY the subwoofer, used condition
ID: 9319318-1
C6 RCA soundbar with power adapter but no remote
ID: 9974018-2
R1 Panasonic Home Theatre system. comes with one subwoofer and 6 little speakers
ID: 10079218-1
R4 Silver Venturer Home Theater System comes with 5 smalls speakeers and Subwoofer- no remote- TESTED
ID: 10016118-1
C1 nnovative technologies soundbar w bluetooth, used condition, power cord a little loose
ID: 9727618-1
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