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Find Out How Much You Can Pawn It For

Woodworking, metal working, construction or DIY projects – hardly there exists a job that can be completed without a power drill. Drill press or pistol grip, DIYers and professionals always keep a power drill in their tool kit to bore a hole or fasten different materials together with the help of fasteners. At Pawn Bat, we understand this need.

An Upgrade, a Replacement or Simply a Birthday Present
Stocking the zing, the accompanying ping—Bosch, Hitachi, Drill Master or Haussman—Pawn Bat promises a solution that is cheap and durable.

An upgrade, a replacement or simply a birthday present, we have an extensive inventory of power drills that has got the right ring for every purpose, for every nature of work.

Cord for the Experienced, Cordless for the DIY Enthusiasts
We have got a range of corded power drills for those who are more experienced and appreciate the extra power and torque for heavy duty applications. Designed to deliver continuous performance, a corded drill is a monster of old. But, if portability and a simple drilling job prime the requirements of the project, then we have also got cordless power drills to help your cause.

A Power Drill to Suit the Application
From pistol grip drills and hammer drills to magnetic drills and drill press, our network of trusted pawn stores, equips the drilling solution needed for every individual application.
If it’s the versatility that you prefer, then pistol grip drills are ideal for you as they can be conveniently turned into a slander, handsaw or a boring device. If you want a drilling workstation that can precisely execute the required task, then our stock of drill press from different brands is sure to appeal you. For the masonry and concrete drilling jobs, you can check out our collection of used, but perfectly maintained, hammer drills.

The Power You Desire
Every nature of job requires different power specifications for the work to be completed conveniently and quickly. The higher the power rating, the heavier the nature of work you can perform with the help of these tools. At Pawn Bat, you can choose cordless power drills from as low as 12 volts to even as high as 20 volts. Similarly, we also stock corded drills with different wattage specs. You can find a corded power tool rated anywhere from 2 amp to 8 amp – the choices are aplenty. 

Finding the Right Chuck Type and Chuck Size
The chuck is the part of the power drill which holds the drill bit securely in its place – and, it comes in different sizes and types. From keyed and keyless, to ¼-inch and ½-inch – you can select the desired chuck type and size from our elaborate stock of power drills.

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