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Wrenches, Sockets, Ratches

Price: $1 — $600

Find Out How Much You Can Pawn It For

No matter the project, if it involves bolts and nuts, PawnBat is here to lend you a helping hand. From imperial sized sockets to the metrics – in our stock, you are sure to find a socket set for your wrench, which can help you conveniently finish your automotive works, while saving you time and energy.

We have a wide range of socket sets from established brands like Benchmark, Bosch, Haussmann, Husky, Irwin, Kobalt, Makita, Dewalt, and many more. Stocked in various drive sizes, material makes and depth – our socket sets are easy to snap on, providing a secured assembly with the ratchet arm.

Stocking the Reliable, the Ever Durable

At PawnBat, we make sure that when any socket set is brought to be sold, our pawn shop partners carefully examine each item before stocking them into our inventory. Rust, cracks, chrome chips and specific signs of wear are closely inspected for so that our customers, you, get a reliable and durable product.

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel or Silver – We Have it All!

We understand the nature of different jobs. Some require hours of excessively applied torque, while others happen to be much lighter jobs. That’s why, we house socket sets made from different alloys and materials. Color plated mild steel, stainless steel or silver – choose a socket set that stands up well against the requirements of the job.

Metric or Inches – Now Easily Find the One You Need

Our pawn shop partners, stock metric and imperial sized socket sets to help the professionals and DIYers, work conveniently with different sized nuts and bolts. Mechanics, dealing with the automobiles produced in US may prefer our extensive inventory of imperial sized socket sets, while those dealing with cars assembled in Europe or Far East 

Asia may opt for our stocked metric sized socket sets.

Shallow or Deep – Select the One That Best Suits Your Needs

Socket set, socket sets, store, stores, pawn shop, pawn shops, buy, price, sale, big PawnBat’s socket set inventory houses kits with varying depths. So, if you want to reach the bottom of a seated spark plug, you can use a deep socket. If you want to work your way through confined engine space, then shallow socket may be the ideal option for you.

Want More than Just Socket Bits in Your Set?

Well, we offer solution kits to address needs that require more than just socket bits. From screw driver bits to drill bits, we stock socket sets which come equipped with multiple attachment solutions for different types of fasteners and repair jobs.

Can’t find the socket set you need?

Access our Pawn Sales Radar and let us know what you are looking for. As soon as any of our pawn shop partners stock the item that you need, we will promptly inform you.

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Power Fist 1 2 Click-Type Torque Wrench, in case, in excellent condition
ID: 2410030-1
JET 3 4 drive 600ft lb micrometer trorque wrench
ID: 2401030-3
Rigid ridgid Pipe Wrench 24
ID: 2419630-7
Stanley 26 Pc Torx Bit Socket Set,
ID: 2322230-1
Mastercraft 120 pc Socket Set
ID: 2354230-2
Maximum Socket set 114 Pc - Brand new condition
ID: 2236030-1
Mastercraft tourque wrench with blu egrip handle
ID: 2375830-4
Stanley Professional Grade 183 PC
ID: 2324130-1
Lenox Pipe Cutter older
ID: 2307230-7
Mastercraft Drill Bit Set Missing a couple pieces
ID: 2297830-4
Jobmate Drill bit set missing a couple piece
ID: 2297830-5
Mastercraft Maximum 174 Pc Socket Set, Missing 7,
ID: I-47030
Maximum 119 Pc Socket Set, missing 4 Pieces, in case
ID: 2293130-1
3 in 1 ball joint u joint c frame press service Kit
ID: 2262530-1
Craftsman Socket set
ID: 2262530-4
Pro Jet Stanley Professional Black Chrome Socket Set, 229-pc
ID: 2192230-3
Mastercraft Socket Set
ID: 2165330-4
Mastercraft Maximum Socket set
ID: 2156230-1
49 Pc Socket Set with Driver
ID: 2176930-4
WRench Tools
ID: 2065830-3
33 Socket piece
ID: 2065830-1
Rigid Ridgid Pipe Wrench, 18 , used
ID: 2051830-6
168 Pc Mastercraft Socket Set, in excellent condition
ID: 2021830-1
Stanley Socket set
ID: 2019230-1
Rigid 18 Pipe Wrench
ID: I-40830
Power Fist 24 in. Aluminum Pipe Wrench 600mm-24
ID: 1931430-1
ID: 1909230-1
Stanley Socket Set - rusted sockets and bits - sticker warn off
ID: 1797430-1
Mastercraft 14 Pipe Wrench, used
ID: 1738430-2
Beam Torque Wrench, broken plastic handle
ID: 1209330-3
Maximum 184 Piece Socket Set
ID: 1710830-1
Dewalt 55 Piece Socket Set
ID: 1686430-3
Dewalt Stanley 183 pieace socket set
ID: 1686430-14
Stanley Chrome Socket Set
ID: 1671530-1
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