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2 hours
Alverez Alvarez Acoustic Electric Guitar, in decent condition, no case
ID: 4630830-1
First Act mini acoustic guitar
ID: 4668330-2
B.C. Rich KKW Kerry King Wartribe Signature Warlock Neck Through Electric Guitar, cracks to enamel on bottom left, covered up with sharpie, couple dents on back side otherwise good condition, comes with original brown leather case
ID: 4615230-1
Fender Redondo Player California Series Acoustic Guitar - In Great Shape W Soft Case
ID: 4612430-1
Black Jackson Flying V, with marks along the sides, slight scratches, action needs to be done
ID: 4611430-2
Jay Turser Acoustic Guitar, okay shape lifting a bit at bridge
ID: 4608930-1
Washburn W-45 with randall SL electric guitar
ID: 4625830-2
Fender CN90 NAT Classical Acoustic guitar, chips and scrapes, plays very well
ID: 4556730-1
Takamine G Series Acoustic Electric Guitar, Scratched Body, no case
ID: 4581030-1
Simon and Patrick Luthier 6 String Woodland CW Spruce Acoustic Guitar, in excellent condition, in hard case
ID: 4483730-1
Alamansa Acoustic Guitar Small Chip at the bottom of Body
ID: 3816230-1
Academy Hyper Tough Compact 12V Drill, no charger
ID: 3941830-1
Seagull Guitars acoustic guitar, minor crack on back neck, and small crack by mouth in case
ID: 4351830-1
Cort Acoustic Guitar great condition, scratched at the top on the head in case
ID: 4327030-1
CLEARANCE Peterson Strobe flip Tuner with aux cords and stand no power adapter
ID: 3853830-4
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