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How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Video Game Systems?

If you are wondering how much your Playstation can be pawned off for, use our online calculator to find out a close pawn estimate for your XBOX (One or 360), or other portable systems like:
• 2DS
• 3DS
• DS Lite
• DSi
• Playstation Vita
• Wii
• Wii-U

Do you want to pawn your VR glasses? Check out the pawn estimates for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Playstation VR.

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What are the best brands of games consoles to pawn:
1) Sony Playstation
2) Microsoft XBOX
3) Nintendo Wii
How to pawn a PlayStation (PS)?
1) Good advice is to clean all the parts, especially controllers. Dirty stuff may decrease the loan amount.
2) Make sure no parts are missing: check for controllers, cables, hookups.
3) Additional accessories like Cameras, game wheels, etc may increase the price of the kit.
4) Good looking package boxes and documents may also help to get more more.
5) Get the controllers ready for testing. All batteries must be charged.
How to pawn as XBOX system?
1) Console and controllers must be clean. No one give you a to of money for a dirty cheap looking stuff.
2) Bring all controllers, cables and hookups with you.
3) Prepare system to be tested: charge batteries in all controllers.
4) Bring a package box with you if it has a good look.
5) If you have a camera it may make the price go up.
How to pawn a Wii system?
1) Make sure all parts are clean and have a good look.
2) Don’t forget to bring all cords and hookups.
3) Missing controllers will make the price go down.
4) Make sure controllers are ready to be tested at the pawn shop.
5) More accessories - more money.