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How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For TV and Audio?

With this smart pawn estimator, you can get a pawn estimate on your TV. Find out how much your 3D TV, Smart TV, full HD TV, speakers, headphones and car audio equipment is worth.

Please read our FAQs to get detailed advice on how you can pawn off your audio system, speakers, headphones and TVs.

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How to pawn a TV?
1) Clean your TV first, especially the screen. Dirty TV may have a cheap look.
2) Don’t forget to bring the original remote control with you if you have one. Or any other remote control that can work with your TV.
3) Make sure you have an original pedestal stand with your TV.
4) Don’t forget a power cord. Otherwise pawn shop star won’t be able to test your TV.
5) Bring a box that came with TV.
How to pawn speakers?
1) Clean the speakers. Dirty speakers may look cheaper.
2) Bring the documentation that will help pawn broker to find out the brand and characteristics of the product.
3) Bring any cords/hookups which will help to test the speakers at the shop or in your car (for car speakers)
4) For bluetooth speakers it’s important to charge them and to have power cord or adapter with you.
How to pawn home theatre speakers?
1) Clean the system, make it look as new as possible.
2) Bring all cords/hookups, remote controls with you. It will also help to test the system at the store.
3) Bring any documentation, original boxes, manuals.
4) Make sure your home theatre system is complete, missing parts will low the price.