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Pawn Loan Estimator

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Sport Equipment?

This pawn shop calculator will help you find out how much your sports equipment is worth. Calculate the nearest estimate loan amount for your fishing reels, golf clubs, paintball guns, tent, and hunting and other outdoor equipment.

Use this calculator before you visit a pawnshop. You’ll get an estimate of the total items that you want to pawn off.

Couldn’t Find the Item You Were Looking For?

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What items are the best to pawn in Summer?
Bikes, skateboards, inline skates, golf equipment, camping tents, paintball guns, RC toys.
What items are the best to pawn in Winter?
Snowboards, Skis, winter sport goggles, clothes and gears, ice augers.
What sport equipment is good to pawn at any season?
All season items: hockey equipment, skates, hunting stuff, racquets, air guns.