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Pawn Loan Estimator

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Camera?

Our pawn shop calculator will let you know how much your film camera, mirrorless camera, DSLR, Go Pro, and/ or Point and Shout Camera is worth in pawn. With a close price estimate, you will have a good idea about how much loan you can get approved.

With this tool, you can also calculate the loan amount for optical equipment like binoculars, projectors and telescopes.

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What are the best brands of cameras to pawn?
1) Canon
2) Nikon
3) Sony
4) Panasonic
5) Fujifilm
6) Olympus
Where to find the model number of camera?
Model Number is a combination of letters and numbers.
For DSLR Cameras and Mirrorless Cameras the model number can be found at the bottom of camera body, on the name plate or on the front part (Example for Canon: EOS Rebel T5)
For Point & Shout cameras it can be found on the front part of the camera.
Lenses has a unique model number that can be seen as “Model XXXX” or as a unique marker on the lenses (Example: Nikon Dx Nikkor Af-s 35mm F1.8 Lens)
How to pawn a camera?
1) Clean your Camera and lenses. Dirty camera and lenses may have a cheap look.
2) Bring the charges and cords. Missing parts may reduce the price of camera as well as make it impossible to tests.
3) Make sure your camera comes with memory card. It also helps to test the camera at the store.
4) Bring original package box, case, documents.
5) Bring all additional lenses which come with your camera. It may increase the amount of loan.
6) Charge your camera before brining it to pawnbroker. It will make the process of testing faster.
What can increase the amount of loan for camera?
1) DSLR cameras are more expensive than Point And Shoot Cameras.
2) Additional accessories (Flash, Tripod, Bag, Memory Cards) may add some dollars to the price.
3) The more lenses you have the more money you can get. Some lenses are pretty expensive, additional papers may help to estimate the price.