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How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Household Appliances?

Want to pawn off your appliances? Before you visit a pawn store, use this tool to figure out an online pawn estimate about household equipment such as your air conditioner, bread and coffee maker, dishwasher, dryer, fridge, heater, microwave, stove and vacuum.

Pease read our FAQs to find out how you should prepare your appliance before you pawn it.

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How to pawn air conditioner?
1) Clean the product form dust and dirt.
2) Replace the filter if the old one smells bad.
3) Summer is the best time to pawn air conditioner.
How to pawn a microwave?
1) Clean the microwave from food remains, dust and dirt. Make it as clean as new.
2) Clean the microwave plate and don’t forget to bring it with you.
3) If you have a user manual it will be a good idea to bring as well.
How to pawn a heater?
1) Make sure the heater is clean. Remove any dirt and dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from inside parts.
2) Do not put a lot of fuel into outdoor kerosene heater, just enough to test it at pawnbroker.
How to pawn a blender?
1) Clean it! Clean it! Clean it!
2) The blender must be complete. There shouldn’t be missing any main parts of the product.
3) It’s a good idea to bring the package box if your product include many parts.
How to pawn coffee maker?
1) Clean all parts, especially water tank and cup holder.
2) Bring all the parts. Missing parts may reduce the price of the coffee maker.
How to pawn vacuum cleaner?
1) That’s the time when your cleaner must be cleaned itself. Wash all the removable parts, dry them and wipe all the dust and dirt from the surface.
2) It’s better if you bring all the parts which came with your vacuum cleaner with you (brushes, tools, nozzles, hose, tubes)
3) If you have a package box, bring it with you. That will also help you to keep all parts together.
4) if you have any spare details that comes with vacuum cleaner, manuals or any other documents bring them too.