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Swords, Knives

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1925 Victoria St, Prince George, BC, V2L 2L6 SHOW ON MAP
mastercraft exacto knife used condition
ID: 11649627-2
BLack yellow 440 Stainless steel knife in ok shape
ID: 11644927-2
Brown Vintage Folding Knife
ID: 11621627-3
Gerber flik multi-plier multitool knife in great used condition.
ID: 11682027-2
Gerber suspension multitool knife in used condition.
ID: 11682027-3
Olympia flip knife in excellent condition with black handle
ID: 11569627-1
Fiskars Knife with black Brown handle in ok shape
ID: 11453427-1
Swiss Army swiss style knife used condition
ID: 11509827-1
Black flip knife used condition
ID: 11593227-3
Nickent Silver flip knife used condition
ID: 11593227-4
Silver flip knife with holes on the handle
ID: 11593227-5
Samarai Type Sword Decoration with wooden sheath, used condition
ID: 10099427-2
no name serated knife
ID: 11416827-2
no brand serated knife used condition
ID: 11416827-3
Gray Flip Knife
ID: 11506527-5
Wartech USA flick blade knife in good condition
ID: 11391527-1
Black Flick Knife good condition
ID: 11391527-2
Perfect Point throwing knives in used condition in black case, there is 6 of them
ID: 11384527-4
Cold steel CTS XHP pocket knife in used condition
ID: 11297127-1
Gray Orange Bear Grylss Gerber Knife good condition
ID: 11176227-1
Black Flip knife good condtiion
ID: 11176227-2
Silver Collectors Knife with Case, has eagle on the handle
ID: 11046527-9
Older Native Knife good condition with hard case - Has Native Indian On Handle
ID: 10949027-3
blue handle multitool knife exacto blade in used condition.
ID: 10795627-3
flip blade pocket knife with mexico on handle
ID: 10795627-4
Orange Master USA stainless steel flick blade knife in used condition
ID: 11221927-2
Master USA flick blade knife in good condition
ID: 10824827-2
Gold colored flick blade knife in good condition
ID: 10824827-3
Brown Flip Knife good condition
ID: 11268527-2
Gray Sheffield Flip knife good condition
ID: 11263727-6
Sog Knife with a safety lock to keep closed
ID: 11125727-12
Olympia Knife Black handle in rough shape
ID: 11125727-13
Eagle headed fashion knife in ok shape the one blade a little lose
ID: 11125727-14
Brown silver handle knife with a tribal design on the blade
ID: 11125727-15
Kershaw silver Knife in ok shape
ID: 11125727-5
Black Handle knife tip of it is in rough shape
ID: 11125727-8
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