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Cashco Financial is a privately held Canadian company with headquarters in Edmonton Alberta and 65 locations across BC, Alberta and Ontario.

We offer a full line up of financial services and loans including single payment payday loans, multi payment short-term loans, advance settlement loans and auto loans. We are also proud to provide pawn loans from 15 locations under the Cash Canada Pawn banner. The brand was born in 2014 when 4 different lenders with over 50 years of industry experience, consolidated under the Cashco umbrella. We welcome the under-banked and unbanked that are disrespected and under-served by traditional banks. Our products, services, and lending policies are attuned to the needs of those 3 million plus working Canadians who need instant cash in a pinch, a second or even third chance. Cashco is powered by a growing workforce of 450 employees who work hard to make clients feel accepted, appreciated, and cared for. Our store managers and associates build one-on-one relationships to serve over 50,000 active clients who count on us to provide over 300 million dollars in annual loans.